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Behind Brevet Piano Service

After graduating from the North Bennet Street School (NBSS) in 2007 through their 2 year program in Advanced Piano Technology I have worked in and managed rebuilding shops in Greensboro, NC (Mosaic Piano Service), tuned and serviced all kinds of pianos from 'grandmas old upright', to concert instruments at Weil Hall (Green Music Center at Sonoma State University), and in recording venues like Skywalker Sound.  After great experiences living and working in North Carolina and California, I am back in Boston, MA and back at the North Bennet Street School teaching full time in the Piano Technology Department.  I thoroughly enjoy and take pride in providing the proper level of service for the player and the piano - This requires conversation and collaboration between technician and musician whenever appropriate and has led to some of the most rewarding interactions & results for me and my customers. 



Brevet Piano Service

Louis del Bene, RPT

(707) 595-0349

North Bennet Street School

Piano Department

(617) 227-0155



Full Service Piano Work

Brevet Piano Service offers a full range of piano services to the Boston area.  From basic maintenance & repairs, renovation, rebuilding, & re-design in the shop, to simple repairs, tuning, voicing & regulation on site, I would love to help you love your piano more.

There is only so much help I can give without seeing an instrument for myself but I am more than happy to talk with you to discuss your instrument & situation over the phone when possible or via email to help you make the best decision for you and your piano wherever you are. 

If you or anyone you know has any need for piano service, or if you have a piano that you need advice about feel free to contact me.